Dave The Mysterious Guy

Dave had a unique gift he could turn into an earthworm. He secretly wants to be a musician. He lives next to a lady who makes propane pigs for a living and he helps her out from time to time. One day the circus comes to town and Dave gets a great idea. He decides to show off his unique talent at the circus workshop. He really hopes to impress everyone and possibly make new friends. However, when he does the government decides they want to kidnap him and cut him open. They assume that he must be from a different planet and could be a threat to earth. No one knows what will become of Dave now that he has been kidnapped. No one will ever see him again.

Changing Urban Landscape Remain Eternal

Have you ever noticed that cities, just like people, change their appearance over time? This ability contributes to the mystique of many of the world’s greatest urban centers. Paradoxically, from Paris, to London, to Hong Kong to Beijing to Mumbai, these places transform constantly through commercial demolition, without changing at all.

Just consider the example of one renowned metropolitan area in the heart of Italy. Rome progressed from a dusty farming village to an ancient sprawling town to a bustling, gigantic urban metropolis over the span of thousands of years. Today, if they returned to the Via Appia, former residents would experience a severe shock, no doubt. But would they still recognize their centuries old community, despite the changes? Probably!

In fact, the great cities of the world possess a unique flavor, an inner beauty that nothing will erase. As a great man once said: “All roads lead to Philadelphia!”